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Saturday, October 30, 2010


In my dream I am playing happily with Makiah by a river when the sky begins to darken and swirl.  I scoop her up, and we run to the nearest building.  There is an empty desk inside the stark office and I hide her under the desk along with her two best buddies.  I tuck pillows around the three of them and over their heads to keep them safe. 

Outside the menacing clouds have begun to form twisters.  They reach down from the sky like whirling, random fingers of destruction.  Somehow I feel the little office is not safe enough.  In my dream the children become tiny, and I carefully place the three of them in a box.  I grasp the box tightly to my chest, and I begin to run.  A relentless tornado has decided to follow me.  Wherever I turn it is there, doggedly pursuing me.  I run with all my might- like the wind- clutching my little box with its precious cargo. 

Finally, I seem to have evaded the finger of destruction.  I run into a strange building, and I am swallowed by relief.  We have made it, and we are safe.  I place the box on the floor and gingerly open the top.  The two friends are sitting safely inside with their little legs crossed, but- Wait!  Where is Makiah??  In horror I see a crack at the bottom of the box.  I realize she has slipped out...fallen through the small opening while I was running.  I tear wildly back into the streets.  I search frantically now for my precious daughter.  I desperately call for her.  I scream her name into the empty streets ravished by the tornado.  But she is gone.  She is gone.  She is gone.

I wake up from the nightmare.  My eyes flutter open as the grey light of dawn creeps through my blinds.  My heart is pounding, and I choke on the sobs that fill my throat.  The dream and the night slip away in the light of morning, but one thing remains- SHE IS GONE.

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