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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Living Water in the Philippines!

“And Rehoboam son of Solomon… did evil because he had not set his heart on seeking the Lord.”  The words seemed to reach up to me and curl around my thoughts  last night before I drifted off  to sleep.  It is so easy for us to “do evil.”  What earned the son of Isreal’s wisest and most glorious ruler, Solomon, this epilogue?  The simple fact that he did not purpose to seek the Lord.  I think of my own days… chasing toddlers, doing dishes, planning meals, sweeping the floors again and again.  It is so easy to seek other things- like a nap! Or that good feeling when the house is clean and the aroma of a healthy dinner wafts through the door to greet my hubby.  Or the satisfaction of talking with a friend.  None of these are bad.  But it is so easy for daily living to crowd out the one thing that makes all the difference in enjoying everything else…  the one thing that determines if we finish well…  the one thing that will not happen unless we purpose in our hearts to make it so.

To seek the Lord.   To look for Him.  To hunt as for hidden treasure.

And when the package came in the mail today, I was reminded again about what is really important.  I gently tore open the envelope.  The dedication pictures for Makiah’s fourth well had arrived.  Pulling out the papers, my eyes fell on these words:

The well dedication was attended by 31 people representing almost every family- beneficiary (48 families will benefit from the clean water)… Pastor Rick Azares shared John 4:13-14, and then prayed and dedicated the well for the glory of God.  Through the well dedication, 25 villagers accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Pails and New Testaments Bibles were given to the family representatives.  Alongside the well dedication was a program for children where they sang, listened to bible stories, and received gifts…  21 children received Jesus Christ into their lives.”

And so it counts.  Her life I mean.  It counts again… 46 times to be exact.  And so does yours, if you partnered in the giving or praying to help build Makiah’s Wells.  And I am encouraged as I sit in my comfy living room not to slip into the mundane or the distractions of life lest I miss out on the good that can be done when we set our hearts on seeking the Lord.

One villager and mother of four said it better than I possibly can…

“I am so happy we are the beneficiaries of this project.  You have granted us physical water, but more important is that our hearts have been open to receiving spiritual water.  We were made to realize that it is Jesus, the Living Water, who gives us refreshing life.  To God be the glory.”

That is it… to God be the glory!

Only $1800 builds a well.  Donations to the Well Project can be made by mailing a check to:

Operation Blessing International
Attn: Christine Coughlin, CSB 322
977 Centerville Turnpike
Virginia Beach, VA 23463

*Mark your gift clearly on the check for Makiah King and it will be credited to her account.

The previous water source was 1.24 miles away.
The Village of Sitio Dawe, Barangay San Francisco, Concepcion in the Philippines

I am sitting here amazed at these pictures and I can't help but add one more picture of something AMAZING...  my first little nephew, who arrived one week ago!  Caleb Ryan, God has big plans for you my sweet little man!
My handsome nephew is here!  To God be the glory!

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