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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Pennies for dollars?  Only God can do that.  Two weeks before her death, Makiah cheerfully gave all the pennies she had to help build a well for children in poverty in Africa, and now many of you have turned those pennies into dollars.  She gave the "widow's mite," and God has multiplied it like only He can.  Thank you, friends, for partnering with us to help her little life make a footprint on the generations to come.

Two amazing ladies have pioneered the well project,  and you will never be forgotten.  Cheryl Brannon had the initial vision for selling charms in memory of Makiah to raise money for a well in her honor through a partnership between Compelling Creations and Operation Blessing International.  The charms give people a beautiful reminder to pray for us and a tangible way to remember our precious daughter and tell her story to those who ask.  Cheryl had no idea of Makiah's piggy bank offering for a well in Africa when she developed this idea... but God did.  If you would like to purchase a well charm, see updates on our progress, or read the full story, the links are on the top right of my blog.   A number of people are giving charms as gifts and have asked for a way to include the story in their gift.  There is an additional link now to a letter explaining the story behind the well charms with Makiah's picture.  When you click the link, scroll down and open the word document titled "Letter for Makiah's Charms."

After several people inquired about a way to give money directly towards a well, Sara Kolbie dove in and developed an avenue for a second well to be built through Operation Blessing International based on cash donations.  She is full of creative ideas for raising awareness and money for clean drinking water for these  children who are so in need.  Her heart is that the message of the "Living Water" will follow the life giving gift of clean water to these villages.  Links to donate directly to a well through Operation Blessing International in Makiah's honor and to read updates on the progress of this well on Sara's blog are also on my page under Makiah Kaitlyn King Well Project. 

Each of us has a role to play in 'the larger story.'  Thank you for touching our hearts.  Thank you for being a part of our precious little girl’s role.   Every time a donation is made or a well is purchased, worn, and the story retold, our sweet Makiah’s life is able to continue to impact other children who desperately need the love of God in a practical way- clean water.   May God bless you this Christmas as you play the part that only you can on this stage of life.  Know that His fingerprints can be seen through yours...

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