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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daddy's Arms

Daddy's arms.  There's nothing like them.  Cutting her cord his face is alive with joy.  Holding her in his strong hands tears trickle down.  One hundred thousand  kisses from soft lips couched in a scratchy goatee.  He always keeps her on his day off while mommy works because he wants to.  Diaper changes and spit up never sway him.  Daddy daughter dates for crunchy fried chicken legs are what memories are made of.   Splashing in muddy puddles together.  Sharing breath and sweaty sleeping close.  Eskimo kisses and Valentine's dances.  She throws herself across his lap and exclaims "Don't tickle me, Daddy!"  Sweetest laughter follows.  Eating first food...catching first fish.  Daddy gently teaches.   "Daddy, please swing with me... play barbies with me... pretend mermaids with me..."  she asks.  His answer is always yes.  Bedtime routines that last an hour.  Stories and rocking and singing so slow.  Taking it all in.  Over and over the words he says, "You make me sooo happy, Makiah."  Too many times to count he whispers it in her ear.  Her delighted grin fills up her face as his unrestrained adoration fills her little heart. Memories to treasure- Makiah and Daddy.  Memories still to make- Abby and Alena have so much to look forward to... Daddy's arms.

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