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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heaven, Pie, and... Math!

My little ones are napping and the warm chocolate morsels in my delicate pie melt slowly in my mouth.  I am trying to wrap my mind around  a thought that my mom's friend shared with her and she passed on to me.  The bible says that with the Lord a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day.  Now certain scriptures do indicate that there is some sort of passage of time in heaven, but we don't have any reason to believe that it is necessarily at the same rate there as here.  Clearly, based  scripture what feels long to us here can seem but a day to the Lord and vice versa.  Time is a dimension by which God is not defined.  Rather, he defines it.  One of his names in the bible is the Alpha and Omega, aka The Beginning and The End.

Keeping all that in mind.  We don't know if time here correlates with time in heaven or not.  So my mom's friend suggested doing some math.  If one thousand years here is as a day there and if I live to be 90 before I go to heaven...calculating... then it would only seem like an hour and a half to Makiah when I arrive!!  I have no idea if that is the case, but it is a very comforting thought for this mommy!

Though our time here seems long some days, in fact sometimes even the seconds drag painfully by, I am reminded that this is not what we live for.  Thank God!  Seriously, I enjoy a slice of pie as much as the next person, but no amount of earthly pleasure can completely cover the pain of living in this broken place.  A sweet friend brought me a book Sunday about a man's experience of heaven.  Thinking about how it could be, meditating on the perfection of what is to come, has buoyed me up to the surface during this turbulent week.

Minutes before I received the book Sunday, a new friend got the call.  The horrible dreaded call.  I saw it on her face as she ripped back through the church doors to grab her family and fly to the hospital.  Her 14 year old had been hit by a car.  He stepped into heaven instantly.  People think I know what to say. Comforting words escape me because there are none.  All that comes to mind is, "Welcome to hell."  (No, mom, I did not say that out loud!)  Truly, losing a child has to be close to the pain of hell... at least as close as my imagination will carry me.  But ironically, through many, many prayers and God's mercy, this earthly hell has caused me to long so much more for my heavenly home.

Please pray for my friend this week.  There is no quick way to walk through this valley that has crashed in on her.  When I saw her the next day, I sat on the floor and cried with her.  I held her hand and didn't say anything at all.  Sometimes, tears speak better than words.  I know for sweet Makiah, and her little boy as well, that however time goes by in heaven, it is full of joy and wonder and love.  There are no tears or dread or fear.  They have left that to us.  Oh, for a thousand years to be as a day!  Come quickly Lord!

Heaven, Pie, and... Math!

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