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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Horse and His Girl

Do you believe dreams can be meaningful?  Did you know that God first cut a covenant with Abraham after he "fell into a deep sleep?"  Or that he repeated the promised covenant to Jacob in a.... yup, you guessed it- a dream!  Most of us in this left brain culture would have said, "Wow!  I ate bad pizza!" and forgotten all about it!  Interesting to me that God would choose to have such tremendously earth shifting encounters with people in, of all places, a dream.  Of course there are many other dream stories in the bible, but you can search those out for yourself if you like.

I woke up this morning puzzling over a strikingly vivid but seemingly bizarre dream.  I shared it with my husband at breakfast and light seemed to wrap around his words and tears filled my eyes instantly and unexpectedly at his wise response.  Parts I will keep for myself, but the end I feel I should share.  Somewhere between early morning feedings I found myself deep in sleep and riding on a beautiful, chestnut horse.  It is not a peaceful ride...  wild animals are in hot pursuit, making ferocious noises and threatening to devour me should I be caught.  Somehow my three children are inside the horse (I know, I know, but it is a dream!), and I remember thinking that our safety depends on this sleek creature who is carrying us all.  Suddenly I am overwhelmed with panic because I don't know how to ride a horse!  We are galloping at breakneck speed with gnashing teeth just behind and looming dangers lurking ahead.   At that moment I realize I have no clue how to make this powerful horse jump or turn or go faster.  I lean forward into the whipping wind and cling to its mighty neck, weaving my fingers into the thick locks of  its sleek mane.  I am not in control.  I hang on for dear life.  I think in the dream that I have to trust the horse to carry us all to safety... trust that it knows the way without any help from me.  And then I wake up.

Driving to work.  Hot tears on my cheeks.  I whisper a prayer to the only One who can hear.  To the One in whom my children- all three- are hidden.  To the One who can carry me to safety though I don't have any idea how to navigate these tumultuous waters.  To the One whose only requirement is that I relinquish control and hang on for dear life.  To the One who is strong when I am weak.  To the One who knows the way...

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