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Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday Makiah!

Sweet Makiah,

It’s your birthday, Baby.  I hope you are still four up there in heaven, but you would have been nine here today.  Alena wanted to make you a chocolate cake, and I happened to have a Dora butterfly topper so it just seemed all perfect.  I can still see your blonde hair sticking up around that headband, your little legs in purple striped leggings, standing in the kitchen chair and licking your first beater. You would have loved the mess of chocolate mustaches your sisters made today!  

Mommy and Makiah baking

While your cake was baking, we sat on the  back porch and painted our toes pink for you... even little Eliana Bree!              Abby traced her feet with chalk and drew you a butterfly.  Mommy turned on the sprinkler and told the girls how much you loved to laugh and have fun.  It didn’t take two seconds for the littles to strip down to, well, not much and fill the yard 
with crazy laughter.  We had a picnic with your cake and then did a water slide on the swing set.  I hope God let you hear them sing happy birthday to you… and maybe even see them splash down that slide and glide through the muddy puddle at the bottom!  It reminded me of when the hurricane came through and you and Daddy played for hours in the water pooled across the street.  My girls all love the mud!

Then we cleaned up and went out to eat some good french fries because they were your favorite.  And I read to the girls about heaven and eternal life.  I remembered one day when we were swinging in the yard, and you started talking about Jesus coming in the clouds.  Then you asked me about heaven.  I sang a song to you that I had learned when I was little about how heaven is a wonderful place (anybody remember Salty the Singing Songbook??).   Now our conversations about heaven seem so ironic.  I was trying to teach you.  Oh, what wonderful things you could teach me now!

I miss you, sweet Makiah!  Abby talked today about when you come back from heaven, she will give you the flowers she picked for you.  We looked at your pictures,  and Maddie Grace talked tonight at bedtime prayers about you and our beach trips.  Mommy is teaching your sisters about you, and about Jesus, and I even showed them pictures you drew of our family with the twins in my belly.  One day we will be together sweet little one.  I will dream of the day when I can hold you tight and hear you all laugh together.  Until then, I trust Jesus to tell you happy birthday for me, Makiah!

Love all ways always,

Makiah with her Daddy after the hurricane

Makiah having messy, water fun

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