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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Live Like It's Sunday

On good Friday we remember that Jesus gave up His life for us.  Not just that.  He was God.  Infinite. Limitless with all power and knowledge at His fingertips, but He left all of that and choose to clothe Himself in a human body perhaps for all of eternity.  For us.  To reach us.  To bring us into that circle of unbroken fellowship that the Trinity shares among itself.  Love cannot exist in isolation.  A requirement for love is fellowship.  One to give and one to receive and to repeat that over and over or else love is meaningless.  God is perfect and complete.  He exists in three perfect parts.  God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  God never lacked love.  And yet you mean so much to Him that He designed a master plan to extend that love to you.

Saturday is the in between day.  Jesus had died.  The resurrection had not yet occurred.  On earth things seemed hopeless and Jesus followers forgotten.  The lie that was perpetuated was that the Christ's crucifixion was final, His words had fallen to the ground, and the hope He represented for humanity was snuffed out.  Lies.  From the father of lies and the enemy of our souls.  But it was all the natural eyes could see.  Humanity did not know that in the spirit world Jesus was descending into hades itself to set the captives free and to take captivity itself captive!  

How many days do we live in the in between?  We have heard the words of Jesus and sensed the whisper in our hearts that perhaps we were created for something special.  Maybe we have even dared to believe that there is greatness in us… that our existence is more than just chance.  Do you hear the longing of your heart to believe that you are more than just this flesh that fades with age and will eventually be whisked away in the wind?  But perhaps your eyes cannot see the proof.  It seems in the daily grind as if this monotony is all there is.  As if this is really all you are.  That you are forgotten.

Lies.  Do not believe the lies.  We have a benefit Jesus followers did not have on that longest of all Sabbaths when they grieved in such darkness that they didn’t even know they were waiting for Sunday.  They could not possibly grasp the resurrection power that would hit the spiritual atmosphere of this world like a nuclear bomb in just a few short hours.   Such power emanating from Jesus as he slammed back into His body and broke death in two that the Bible says many holy people in the graveyard around Him was raised to life.  Many people were resurrected and walked around the streets of Jerusalem and people saw them!  Why?  Because death could no longer stand in His presence!  

Jesus resurrection life changes everything!  And it proclaims that you are worth fighting for!  That God would enshroud himself with humanity, endure the just penalty for our sins, and then defeat death itself in the greatest legal transaction of all time.  Love displayed perfectly without corrupting justice.  God embracing us without tarnishing his perfection with our sin.  He became our representative and took on every bad choice and evil that man has ever loved.  He bore in His body the weight of our transgressions.  Our crossing over the lines.  Why?  Because the perfect justice of God demands that sin result in separation from Him and that separation is called death.  Inner death of the heart.  Outer death of the body.  And eternal separation from all that is good.  But God, who had perfect unbroken fellowship of love without us, chose to run after us.  To pursue us.  To become us and then endure that penalty that justice demands. So. That. We. Don’t. Have. To.    And death could not hold Him!   Because He Was God.  Jesus was perfect so there was no legal ground for the enemy to keep Him.   

You are not forgotten.  The Word says He has engraved you in the palm of His hands.  Those resurrected hands still bear the scars of His love.  The mark of His passion for you.  For all eternity.  Jesus chose to wear it forever like a blazing emblem of his love for us.  Don’t run from Him!  Run to Him!  We know what Sunday held.  We don’t have to live with the unseeing eyes of Saturday.  We get to see the end of the story.  We get to experience the resurrection power that unravels the lies of the enemy and breaks the chains of insignificance.  We can be free from our poor choices and the weights that have held us down.  It is no longer who we are.  Choose freedom today if you have not before.  Believe that the King of the Universe decided you were worth dying for.  You. Are. Worth. It. And. He. Is. Worthy. Of. Your. Heart.  Don’t stay locked in the tower.  Let the Prince of Peace rescue you today.  And if you have been rescued already, throw off the hopeless, unseeing eyes of Saturday.  Live like you know the end of the story!  Live like it is Resurrection Sunday!

“I pray the eyes of your heart would be enlightened and you will know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in His people,” Ephesians 1:18

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