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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Life is about moments.  Moments to hold tiny babies close.  Moments to rub their silky cheeks on mine.  Moments to kiss their soft, downy heads.  Moments to comfort their cries.  Sometimes I wonder if I will get to keep them...  the babies, I mean.  Will I get to take them to kindergarten?  Will we see them dance in a recital?  Will we get to watch them grow up?   I wrote about moments in the journal of letters I kept for Makiah since she was born...

March 2007
"My dear, sweet Makiah,
    You are 10 months old now and such a joy!  My heart is full of things to write you.  Your personality is absolutely delightful!  You love to laugh- being surprised and chased by Daddy are your favorites.  You absolutely glow when we sing "If Your Happy & You Know It."  You clap and stomp your feet and do the wiggles.  You love to drop things and say "uh oh" with such seriousness.  You are saying "shoe" and "fish."  You give the most precious slobbery kisses and your hugs just make me melt.
     I love rocking you at night.  We pray, and I pray Psalm 23 over you.  I get to nuzzle your hair and smell your clean baby smell.  My darling, you are such a blessing from God, and I try to treasure every precious moment.  Time is all we really have.  May ours be full of Jesus' love, my sweet daughter!"

I did not know then how true those words were.  Now is all we really have.  What will we do with our moments?  What will you do with your moments?

James 4:13-14

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