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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Colors of Love

 Dear Sweet Makiah,

I suppose that God does not let children in heaven read letters from their parents on earth, but just in case I am wrong...  Today it has been exactly one year since your trip to heaven.   We have spent the whole day thinking about you (that is not too different than most days).  This morning we had waffles for breakfast because you had them for your last breakfast.  We remembered how you loved to have waffles after church on Wednesday nights and you asked for "waffle Wednesday."  Mommy let your cat, Buster, in for the first time since the girls were born, and they were delighted.  Abby gave his fur a good tug for you and Lena grabbed his tail.  It only took Buster a few minutes to go look in your room for you.  Even he has not forgotten!

Our sweet neighbor brought a hot apple pie so we ate it for lunch in honor of you.  You would have liked that!  After the girls napped we drove to the resurrection site and released 7 rainbow colored balloons with your story inside.  Maybe someone will find them and contact us...  you always loved "I spy" games.  We said a prayer as we released each one.  The girls fell asleep and Mommy and Daddy sat there for a long time.  We cried a little because we miss you, but we tried to picture you in heaven.  Mommy thought about the day that Jesus will come back and you will get up out of that grave.  The cool wind whisked away my tears and I pressed my eyes tight.  Trying to imagine that maybe I will feel that wind when it is my day to journey to heaven.  Did you hear that sound as you were whisked away from earth?  Did the light of heaven feel warm on your face like the sun did on mine?  We asked God to help us know how real heaven really is... more real than the wind in my hair or the sun on my cheeks.

We bought a pumpkin and some pretty flowers for our porch.  You always got so excited when we bought a pumpkin and Daddy carved it with you.  Then we took the girls to Mr. Chick.  The last thing you ate was french fries...  so we let the girls try their first fries!  I wish you could have seen their delighted little faces, Makiah!  We watched the clock all day and talked about what we were doing exactly a year ago as each hour went by.  We remembered the things you said and did and our last conversations.  Later, we looked at pictures of our last morning... you looked so pretty that day!  We spent the rest of the night trying to make slide shows of you to post.  I think Daddy's is uploading now, but Mommy's didn't work yet so I guess Daddy's mac wins out over my pc for tonight!

Do you remember that rainbows stand for a promise from God?  You told Mrs. Laurie, your teacher, that all the colors of the rainbow were your favorite because they were all so pretty you couldn't pick one.  I wish God would let you see that there are literally thousands of rainbow toes today- painted in your honor!  Your Mommy and Daddy are overwhelmed and humbled and thankful for all the colorful love!!  So many people remember and love you and can't wait to meet you one day, sweet Kiah!  Even your sisters wore rainbow socks for you.  And last night at 6:00 (the same time on Friday of last year that you met Jesus), there was a beautiful rainbow across Cairo that seemed to end at our church!  Coincidence? :)

I want you to know that you will always be my first baby.  I am asking God to give you angel, eskimo, and butterfly kisses from me on this, your 1st heaven day...  until I can give them to you myself...

All my love,

Rainbow Toes from Cousins- one of hundreds of amazing pics!
Rainbow over Cairo at 6pm Friday night

Twin's Rainbow Toes
Mommy too

Makiah's 1st Heaven Day

Oct. 8, 2011

Oct. 8, 2010   Daddy's last kiss

The morning she died

Holding Daddy's Hand

Such a Sweet Little Princess
Makiah's Pink Sparkly Toes

Makiah next to Abby & Alena her last day
Our Last family Photo

Mommy's fingers in her curls
Our camera was blurry that last morning...  until the day we see clearly!

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