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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Thing in Front of You

I don't do this often.  But I can't get it off my mind or out of my heart.  I need to share the words that have gripped me.  Ripped me open to the very core.  Pinned me down and made me feel that I am drowning.  Drowning in the American Dream.  I used to think it was silly that I had to eat everything on my plate because kids somewhere far away were starving.  When I was a child.  But now that I am grown up, I know we are not so disconnected.  I am not helpless. 

I read a quote by Elizabeth Elliot that said, "When you don't know what to do next, do the thing in front of you."

Please read the link:  The 1 Thing Radical Really Definitely Has to Look Like- Right Where We Are

And then if you can see him,  see them,  see the sheep calling hungry, go  HERE and do the thing in front of you...

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