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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Double Digit Birthday Makiah!

Sweet Makiah,

Mommy remembers when I turned ten.  We had just moved to Cairo (yes, where you lived!) a few weeks before my birthday.  I invited two girls that I had just met at school over for a spend the night party.  I still played with cabbage patches and dress up clothes, but this year we added makeup and pretended to be teenagers.  I started a puff paint business with grand plans of selling t-shirts designed by yours truly.  Your Uncle Will and I practiced limbo tirelessly in the driveway with two yard chairs and a measuring stick in great hopes of being the Saturday afternoon limbo champs at the local skating rink.  Uncle John was only four, and I recall he was a whiz at playing Super Mario Brothers with me already on our nintendo.

Tonight the girls and I made brownies together for your 10th birthday.  Abby suggested we put a candle in one, tie balloons to it, and float it up to heaven so you could have a piece.  Maddie Grace sang to you, and Alena requested a candle to blow out for you.  I read a devotional from their book, "God's Little Princesses," tonight at bedtime and would you believe it was about heaven and imagining what kind of "jobs" we might have there?  We talked about you.  Maddie Grace wondered if you paint sunsets or rainbows there.  Abby is sure we won't work there at all, but we will just play with Jesus!

Last week Abby told us about a dream she had of heaven.  Cameron was tucking her in, and she said she wanted to be a kid in heaven.  When he asked her why, she said because it's fun to be a kid and play with Jesus.  He asked her how she knew, and she told him this... She said she dreamed she played in a field with a lamb and that she sat on Jesus shoulders.  She said there was a river there that was soooo clean and trees with big flowers and apples that were shiny all around them.  She said the streets were gold and there were golden cars, too.  She said the church there was so so big.

We wonder, Makiah.  We dream.  We hope.  We focus on what scripture tells us... that it has not even entered the mind of man the wonderful things that God has in store for those who love Him.  But you know!  You see!  Clearly now and not dimly as through a glass.  Abby's dream brings joy to this heart because although I don't know what you are like or what you do as a ten year old in heaven, I know you have gotten to play with Jesus as a kid.  To climb up on his shoulders.  To be covered over in such love and filled up with adventures and wonder without danger or sadness.

Your Daddy used to pray for you, that you would be an ambassador for Christ all over the earth and that you would touch many nations.  And so you have.  God has answered that prayer, though not the way we expected.   I added up all the individuals that now have clean drinking water because of the Makiah Well Project, because you gave the money in your piggy bank just before you went home to heaven, and it comes to a total of 6, 375 people!!  Suffering from lack of water has been alleviated for 6, 375 people, Makiah!  And better yet, sweet princess, 265 people made a profession of faith in Jesus... and 106 of those are children, which is dear to my heart.  Can God use those little children to do big things for the kingdom? Yes!  And your short life here on earth is proof of it.

I love you sweet princess, more than you can know!  Abby always includes you when she draws our family, and when we went to Disney, the first thing the girls told Cinderella was that it wasn't just four sisters.  They told her that the fifth sister is in heaven.  They haven't met you, but you aren't forgotten.  I pray Jesus will give you extra special hugs today and whisper that Mommy loves you.  I will always hold dear the day you made me a mommy.  Happy 10th birthday, Makiah!

Love you past Peter Pan Land sweet baby!
Your Mommy

*iDisciple made a video in conjunction with Compelling Creations, the jewelry company that designs the well charms,  about Makiah's Well Project.  We are thankful for the opportunity to share her story.  Please help us share this!

The video is out and can be viewed here...

Only $1800 builds a well.  Donations to the Makiah Well Project can be made by mailing a check to:

Operation Blessing International
Attn: Christine Coughlin, CSB 322
977 Centerville Turnpike
Virginia Beach, VA 23463

*Mark your gift clearly on the check for Makiah King and it will be credited to her account.

OR if you are interested in purchasing a well charm from Compelling Creations, 10% of the purchase of the well charm will be sent to Operation Blessing for the well project also.  
Check out the article and video on iDisciple for a coupon code.

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