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Heaven and Birthdays and Happy

From where I sit in my bed I can see real life all around.  The pile of dirty laundry spilling out from the laundry room into the hall.  Pictures I bought for the twin’s room lean against the wall chiding me for not managing to hang them yet.  Clean, neatly folded stacks of kid’s winter clothing waiting impatiently to be tucked into bins.  And then I close my eyes.  And I try to imagine.  What your view might be like. 

Pristine water flowing over perfectly rounded rocks.  Sparkly “tiny fings” hidden like treasure among the stones just waiting for curious fingers to find them.  The patter of little feet and the rolling of laughter as children race to the water’s edge and plunge in without a care in the world.  The perfect feel of warmth as your feet dance their way into the stream… stepping effortlessly on rocks as smooth as solid silk.  Reaching for the sparkly surprises that He knew you would find.  His eyes full of merriment and all the anticipation of a parent delighted to surprise their child.  Ohhhh the squeals!  Perhaps you can peer inside the little gems and see scenes of wonder.  One minute you see a majestic mountain view.  Then inside another a funny scene in motion that pulls the laughter right up from your belly and spilling onto your lips.  Then you grasp a purple stone and peer deep within to see a mystery of the universe being explained in a way that your beautiful childlike mind can grasp- a way no earthly teacher could teach.  Not just knowledge, but Revelation.  Wonder and awe fill your face and light up your eyes.  You rush out from the water to share your treasures with eager friends.  The instant you leave the water you are as dry as if you had never stepped in. 

And maybe you rush to Him.  His arms are open wide and He embraces you and spins you around effortlessly. Your looks and laughs are full of thanksgiving and adoration as your heart swells in response to love that is so complete.  And perhaps He tells you that we whispered your name in the wind today.  That we love you and can’t wait to join you.  And the news brings only joy because there is no sadness and the boundaries of time have been erased. 

Maybe one stone He had hidden for you to find carried pictures of your sisters picking out balloons to send up to you.  Or of the preschool class where you sat and the very teacher who hugged you each day and how today they had a cake with your name on it and a party and they brought in money they had saved for the well project.  The project you started when you gave all the money in your piggy bank to build wells for kids with no water just two weeks before you went home!  Oh Makiah, how those loaves and fishes you gave have been multiplied!! 

And I am so proud of you!  Your tiny gift has been magnified so many times over and so many people have been reached with water and the Good News.  Your life here was short but the return for the kingdom has been rich.  And I am so challenged not to question the value of the small things- a small act of kindness, the far reaching effects of simple giving.  We just can’t see in our life time the ripples or how it will be used.  But your life reminds me of that often. 

So today I will close my eyes on the laundry and the to do list and endless stacks of dishes.  And I will wipe away some tears, and I will let myself feel the peace that I imagine is just a glimmer of what you are immersed in daily.  And I will let it spark a Hunger… for the Eternal. For what is Really Real.  For Perspective.   For the Desire to know Him as you do.   For the Belief that He is Good and that this Adventure is but a precursor to the Story that is to come.

And I will keep telling it Little One.  Because it is worth being told.  The story of Him.  And the story of our Love and Loss and new Life again.  For both of us.  You there and me here.  And all day you have felt so far away, but in this second the wall between us feels so paper thin.  In Him all things were created and move and have their being.  And we are both in Him.  A mystery.  Profound yet simple.  And so I know tonight that you know my love, and I know tonight that today was indeed a happy 12th birthday for you, my sweet Makiah.  I’m sure far better even than Mommy can imagine.  Sweet dreams and kisses my princess in heaven!

Isaiah 64:4 From ancient times, no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any god but you who acts on behalf of those who wait for him!

1 Corinthians 2:9  But as Scripture says: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him."

Thank you FUMC Cairo Pre-K for Raising Well Project $ and Remembering!


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