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Into the Deep

 “Jump!” we say to our tiny tots.  “I promise I’ll catch you!” we say as we coax them into the water.  Sometimes they jump.  Sometimes they let the fear of what they see drown out their belief in what we say.  And they freeze.

And we can be so much like them.  Sometimes when a new or challenging thing is in front of us and we hear God saying that He has us, we believe HIm.  Other times we let the fear of what we see drown out what we know in our hearts to be true.  That He is good.  That He loves us.  That He won’t let us sink even if it is hard.  Or scary.  And we won’t be alone.  We’ll be together.

But the hard concrete under our feet feels firm.  What we know seems sure.  The deeper waters can look too unfamiliar.  Too unsafe.  Even though something inside of us knows that that’s where the fun is had.  We can see those who are ahead of us in life splashing and swimming and playing Marco Polo in the waters where we have not yet tread.  The adventure beckons.  The deeper things call.  But we have to get off of the ledge.  The familiar.  The usual.  We have to go to a place where trust in His arms is what keeps us paddling and our eyes are looking up at Him.  Believing He will hold us.  Believing He will not let us sink.

Jesus told the disciples to feed the 5,000.  They didn’t have the resources and they told him so.  He wasn’t asking them to provide.  He was asking them to Believe.  And Obey.  To step out off of that rough concrete and into the water of faith.

What is God beckoning your heart to do in this season?  Do you hear a yearning for more… for something deeper?  Let’s be believing believers!  The greatest adventures await!


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Deafening Silence

In a single second my life has been radically altered.  My precious gift from God, sweet Makiah Kaitlyn, has gone to be with Jesus long before her time.  I know in my heart that she is happy, but my arms are so empty... my house so dreadfully quiet.  I feel at times that a horrible blackness has enveloped me.  I feel as though my insides are screaming.  I am clawing and fighting to break out of this torturous body- to escape from this oppressive reality, but I cannot escape.  The dark anguish leaps on me again and again.  It sits on my chest and presses against my very life breath.  My heart feels utterly crushed and broken- pummeled into a thousand pieces.  Life as I knew it has been shattered and the shards that are left are painful and sharp.  Cutting me as I try to walk through them.  This is the valley of the shadow of death.  How dark is that shadow!

Her room is perfectly untouched.  All of the dolls in her dollhouse family are piled into their little bed together where she left…


Outside the sky is grey and dreary.  I feel it should rain torrents today.  I think the whole earth should cry out in grief.  I feel my heart pounding in my head.  My eyes will barely open, and I think no more tears can possibly come.  Maybe I will stand in the rain and borrow the tears from the sky.

I look down at sparkly pink toes, and they are lonely.  Makiah, our last Sunday together you spent the morning in bed with Mommy (because I am on bed rest).  We ate fruit loops and snuggled.  We practiced drawing your letters and painted our fingers and toes.  You wanted rainbow toes, but I didn't have the colors with me.  I promised I'd paint you rainbow toes later.  Once we were all pink you said, "I got an idea!  Let's put sparklies over the pink, and you have to do it, too, Mommy, so we can be twins!"  You are such a princess!  So pink toes became sparkly toes.  We giggled and hugged and admired our matching feet.

Now mine sit all alone.  Ten toes that should be …

Wells of Living Water

My eyes filled with tears when my mother-n-law told me of her friend's idea.  This sweet lady, whom I've never met, wanted to know if she could do something special in honor of Makiah.  She said God had put it on her heart to start a well project for her.  She would sell "living water well charms" through Operation Blessing International to raise money to build a well for underprivelaged children in a poverty stricken country.  She said when 600 charms have been purchased, a well with a permanent plaque would be built to commemorate Makiah's life.  Not only was this an amazing idea, it was linked to my daughter's heart in a way that shocked me...

What this thoughtful lady could not have known was that only 2 weeks before the accident, Makiah came into the kitchen on a Sunday morning carrying her whole piggy bank.  She told me she wanted to take it all to "give to the kids who need clean water."  The preschool class at church had been raising money t…