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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Makiah!

Dearest Makiah,
Mommy and Daddy were there for both.  Your coming into this world and your going out.  Both were painful and messy- although in very different ways- but how beautiful were the moments in between!  Four years, four months, and twenty eight days of precious minutes.  Full of diapers and sillies and tears and messes.  Mermaids and "tiny fings."   Trips to the "liberry" and dreams of princess hair that "went all the way down to the bottom!"   Tickles in your "armpicks," peanut butter on a spoon that was "galicious" and veggies that were "asgusting." Memories pressed deeply into your mommy's heart.  Even if the details slip away when my mind is old and worn, the love of you is permanently engraved.

Makiah.  Makiah Kaitlyn King.  You told me often that you wanted people to call you by your whole name, silly girl!  Your name is special to my heart.  Makiah comes from a Hebrew name (spelled Macaiah) found in 2 Chronicles 18.  The story is of a prophet who spoke only the truth in the face of an entire generation of prophets that had become people pleasers and left God behind.  He was also one of the few people in the bible who had a vision of the throne room of God and stood in His Presence.  But most special to me is what the Hebrew word means- "Who is like Yahweh?"  Sometimes I would stop and think about how every time we said your name, we were really saying "Who is like God?"  And Kaitlyn means "pure."  So all together it meant "Who is pure like Yahweh?"  Your whole life was meant to point to Him.  Before you took your first breath, your name declared His goodness.  And now, even though you have taken your last, I pray that your story will ring out the truth that is still true.  That Yahweh is good and pure and there is no one like Him.  And though I cannot understand why your life story was written so short, I hope it will stand out against a generation of naysayers who have forgotten that there is but One God, and no other is like Him.

So that is mommy's birthday present to you today sweet Makiah.  On your 6th birthday, as you stand in the throne room of God and celebrate life in heaven, your mommy will shout through my fingertips and the tears- Makiah...  "Who is like Yahweh?"  Faithful.  Mysterious.  Good.  Pure.  Love.  The moments we had on this earth together could not have come from anyone less.  And in the eternity we have yet to spend in heaven together I know we will declare the mystery of your name in praise to the One who created us both.  Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!

Love All Ways Always,

May 11 2006... Makiah's First Breaths

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Makiah aka Ariel with "Cinderella" and "Belle"

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